Ghosts of Pripyat update

Posted on 08/08/2014 by Dave Foster

Hi all,

Dave Foster here. Welcome to the new website, doesn’t it look cool! There will be numerous updates for you as and when we have news. Steve has been busy bringing all of this project together and it’s fair to say that he can multi task like no other human I know. As for the album, we have been making great progress and following the very enjoyable sessions at both Real World and The Racket Club, we now have the lions share of the backing tracks done and Steve is currently recording his guitar parts for the album. It’s genuinely exciting hearing these tracks evolve and they really are sounding fantastic. From the first Steve Rothery Band gig in Plovdiv, Bulgaria to this has been a rapid and truly enjoyable experience and as any writer or arranger will tell you, some albums can take years to be ‘right’ but ‘The Ghosts of Pripyat’ has grown so organically and naturally that it is still fresh in the ears of each of the band members…this is a very good sign. Also, the band now has a keyboard player, the incredibly talented Riccardo Romano who also plays keyboards in the Italian band Ranestrane , special guests on nearly all of the  ‘The Ghosts of Pripyat’ tour.

If you haven’t already pre-ordered your copy of the album, it’s now available in both versions to pre-order directly from the Marillion Online Store . There’s also a pre-order for the ‘Live in Rome’ DVD recorded earlier this year. The tour dates are now up on the site too and if you haven’t already ordered your tickets then make sure you do soon as every gig is selling really well, you wouldn’t want to miss out would you?

See you all soon