The Band

Steve BW

Steven Rothery

Founder member of Marillion since 1979, Steve’s melodic and atmospheric style has been an integral part of Marillion’s seventeen albums.

On Steve’s long awaited solo album the music is brimming with his trademark guitar solos and melodic chordal work. It also sees a rockier side return to Steve’s playing.

Dave BW

Dave Foster

Dave is the guitarist and writer in the English band Mr. So & So. The band have released five studio albums and in 2012 Dave released his debut solo album ‘Gravity’. Dave and Steve are old friends and have formed a strong writing partnership that is at the heart of the new album.

Dave is a an endorsee of Knaggs guitars, Musicman guitars, Auden guitars, Bogner amplification, DV Mark amplification and Ernie Ball strings.

Leon BW

Leon Parr

B.A. Hons Jazz Studies (Leeds college of music)

Leon has been playing drums for 27 years and professionally since 1998. He’s recorded three albums with Mr So & So and the Go Gently album with Leeds based band Johnson House in 2002. Other sessions include Nick McCabe (The Verve), Gerry Donahue ( Joan Armatrading , George Harrison ). He’s currently the resident teacher at Manchester Drum Center.

Yatim BW1

Yatim Halimi

Yatim has been UK band Panic Room’s bassist since August 2010. Born in Singapore, Yatim is a naturally gifted musician who made his name as a session player for performing artists touring in Asia before relocating to the UK. His dynamic sound, effervescent stage presence and great improvisational style make him the perfect bass player for the Steve Rothery band.

Yatim is a an endorsee of Musicman Basses, Ernie Ball Strings, TC Electronic, Aguilar Amplification, Xotic Pedals and EWS Pedals.


Riccardo Romano

Riccardo is the keyboard player in the Italian cinematic rock band Ranestrane. Riccardo is a very talented multi instrumentalist who is as comfortable singing and playing the guitar as he is playing keyboards. Riccardo is also well known throughout Italy as a producer and mix engineer. Riccardo mixed the audio for the ‘Steve Rothery Band Live in Rome’ DVD.